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Liam van Walsum

  • Marine Biologist
  • Marine Mammals Observer
  • Passive Acoustic Monitor
  • Data analyst
  • Sailor

I am a marine biologist specialising in marine mammals and marine acoustics, with experience in: Coastal South Africa, the Tasman, the Adriatic, Eastern Mediterranean and Black seas. With an obsession with the weird and extreme organisms of the oceans, I have also worked with sharks, foraminifera, corals, algae, and a range of other interesting creatures and plants.
My best work is with the more technical aspects of Marine Biology, such as managing data, performing analyses and mapping, and weighing the benefits and limitations of methodologies when planning surveys. This technical work is like a puzzle to me and I can fully and patiently commit to these jobs until I am satisfied with the results.

I am a duel Schengen Area and Trans-Tasman Trade Agreement passport holder who can read and write fluent English, and knows basic French and Dutch. 
I have: worked on coastal and offshore boat surveys, performed land surveys with and without the use of a theodolite, sediment sampled in with and without the use of a dredge, performed acoustic analysis using towed and drop hydrophones both in real time and in post analysis, applied tags to hand caught and reel caught macrofauna for mark-recapture analysis, sifted sediments and recorded microfauna under a microscope.
Finally I have a good understanding of the following programs: R and RStudio, QGIS, Discovery, and PAMGuard, among others.